All of the following are Reflections from our 2017 and 2018 Six8 fellows.

“Six8 has shown me many blind spots in my walk of life and faith. I was very blind to problems of the world and of the faith. It was a huge eye-opener that really deepened my walk with God and pushed me to elevate my faith. Just being surrounded with the Six8 community has definitely made me wiser. The diversity within the group is amazing, and it’s honestly a blessing.”- Nate

“Six8 has done wonders for my faith and how I view God. When I had just become a Christian, it was amazing and I loved every second of it. But after a while, I felt lost and confused. It was hard to find actions and words that modeled the love of God. I got to Six8 after losing a lot of hope and left restored and filled with knowledge about what God actually thinks about me and the people around me. Micah 6:8 has now become my life motto, and I tell people whenever I can.”- Ronnessa

"I learned that the forgotten and few are just as much my neighbors as the ones I'm surrounded by in my daily life." – Ronnessa

"Over the summer, I spent a week at a summer intensive called Six8 where I spent some time focusing on my testimony. They had us write out our testimonies and sum them up in 7 words. I rarely thought of mine until then, and now I want to share it.” It reads- I had You there throughout it all. - Karalynn

"If you don't know much about me, I have never been a super religious person. I came into this week at Six8 scared; scared of resentment, disappointment, and being the black sheep of the group. Instead, it took 36 hours to turn my life upside down; to change my beliefs, to disband my uncomfortable-ness for the talk of God, to speak the word of God, to praise him without fear, and for God to breath his life through me. My journey started the summer after my freshmen year at the Trevecca Urban Farm. God planted a seed that summer: me. And I'm just now sprouting. He’s blessed me with the opportunity to find my passion at a young age, to help a community, to serve justice to people, and to myself. And even though it went unknowingly, God walked every step of the way with me, to watch my roots grow, to watch me build strength, to watch me transform into this beautiful girl that loves herself and the world she lives in. He allowed me to find him, at a time of need for myself and the community around me that I love so dearly. God saved me, here's my act one."- Rachel

"I learned to trust in Him and His plan for me. I learned the importance of community and to look at things and people with a different perspective. And everyone carries baggage and everyone's story is important." - Hailey

Six8 have created a new family for me. It changed me in ways I can’t describe. I see everything so differently. It’s inspired me to help change the world little by little.”- Shella

“Six8 is important and was important to me because it showed us and taught us about love…and how people are going through different things in the world and that sometimes we could give a helping hand and that could make them feel better. You never know, someone could just need encouragement, and you could be that person to turn their life around.” - Richard

“Six8 is important because it opens your eyes to a lot of things in life. It makes you think about the hard questions some people may have. I don’t think in my entire life that I have ever gotten so close to a group of wonderful, caring, supportive, and interesting people. I thank God for all of you every day! You are my family. Another reason why Six8 is important is because of coming together with other fellow brothers and sisters and worshiping Christ and going through our everyday lives TOGETHER.” – Nick

“I think Six8 is important because it educated us on things that most people never know. The things we talked about at church were dug into at Six8, and it taught me how to be a better disciple, and that God has a mission for us to fulfill outside of the norm.” - Claire

“Six8 taught me the importance of maintaining a one-on-one relationship with Christ. While we as humans and Christians are called to love others, it’s difficult to do so if we do not have a personal connection with God. Six8 reminded me that I couldn’t pour into my relationship with others, whether I was simply loving them or trying to teach them, without building, maintaining, and fighting for a powerful relationship with Him despite the chaos of this world.”- Paige

"It was a week of self-discovery and transformation with one another. It was a week of fellowship and never-ending conversation. It was a week of being neighbors to and with each other." - Paige [Read more]

"During the Six8 Fellowship, I learned, or was reminded that everyone is made in the image of God and that I can't love other like God loves them, without first loving myself. I learned who my neighbor is and that I should keep making room at my table for more neighbors. I also learned and was shown that I can make a difference. It all starts with one person and that person can be me."- Cheyenne

"Six8 has shaped a part of me that will never be undone and I will forever be grateful for that part. My question now is, Who is not your neighbor?" - Mashlie [Read more]

"I love how the mentors treated everyone and how they wanted everyone to feel safe enough to share their thoughts and feelings." - Mashlie

Once again, Micah 6:8 had a much deeper meaning to me, larger areas of injustice were coming to light in my sight. I truly started to realize how much we’re destroying something we’re depended on and how detrimental are the consequences. One of the first commands of God to humankind in the garden endorse our justice to the earth, to work it and take care of it (Gen 2:15) but now, some of us are not taking it seriously (smh), some of us have forgotten about it and some of us were never taught how to. Environmental injustice is just as important as any other injustice and if a part of being a Christian is to act justly to our neighbors, nature is not excluded.- Mashlie [Read more]

I loved how the professors educated us about real world problems without sugar coating them, but also telling us practically how we can make a difference. The mentors and the other fellows were amazing too, and the fellowship and small group times meant a lot. – Alexandra

My favorite part was having small group time. I loved being able to grow closer to that group of people and open up to them about what’s been happening in my life. Also, being able to discuss out thoughts about the week and hearing their opinions as well as sharing mine helped me. – Erica

I think that my favorite part of the Six8 2018 intensive would have to be the mentors and staff. I absolutely loved that I was able to be completely open and myself and they accepted me for who I was. They were so knowledgeable and caring. Whenever I had a problem or a question they were able to help we figure out the answer. - Kayleigh

My favorite part was the fact that we were given solutions. We weren’t just told “here’s the problem now go fix it.” We were given ideas and information that might help us in our goal to end these problems.- AC

Six8 Fellowship has been such an amazing experience. I am motivated to answer God’s call to “Go!” with all these wonderful people!- Nick