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Stressed Out

Did you know that today’s teenagers are stressed out?

Of course you did - especially if you have one; especially if you are one. 

But did you know that many sociologists think that today’s teenagers are under more pressure than any generation in recent memory? It’s true. Research is coming out on an almost daily basis that paints an anxiety-inducing picture of what life is like for today’s young people

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The Asking of Holy Questions

It had been a full day of listening to theologians lecture about the biblical call to love your neighbor, watching improv, and visiting sites around Nashville to see the lecture concepts in action. After a time of worship and reflection at the end of the day, I joined my dear high school friends in a circle of chairs to begin our nightly debriefing conversation. The safety of this circle held the questions the students dared to ask –– the difficult ones about community, current social issues of our day, and the intersection of faith and calling and missional living.

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