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Being a Good Neighbor: Community Engagement

Being a Christian and being a good neighbor go together like peas and carrots. Being a good neighbor means caring for our surroundings, which includes people, the Earth, and our community. Being in Nashville for a month has given me the opportunity to immerse myself into this new community around Trevecca and it has been so fulfilling. As an extroverted-introvert (someone who is shy around people that they are not familiar with), being a good neighbor in a new space can be really challenging, especially when you have no knowledge of your new surroundings. Here are some things I’ve learned in becoming a neighbor in this new community:

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The Asking of Holy Questions

It had been a full day of listening to theologians lecture about the biblical call to love your neighbor, watching improv, and visiting sites around Nashville to see the lecture concepts in action. After a time of worship and reflection at the end of the day, I joined my dear high school friends in a circle of chairs to begin our nightly debriefing conversation. The safety of this circle held the questions the students dared to ask –– the difficult ones about community, current social issues of our day, and the intersection of faith and calling and missional living.

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An Invitation to the Table: Reflections on Loving Your Neighbor

It was our first summer intensive at the Six8 Fellowship, a theological mentorship program for high school students on the campus of Trevecca Nazarene University. Our week was centered around a profound yet simple question, “Who is my neighbor?” For those gathered for the week, the initial answer came in the oft-quoted call to love our neighbor and so to avoid redundancy, we decided that all of us needed to hear this calling with fresh ears and see our neighbor with new eyes.

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