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Creation Care: One Gracious Step At A Time

So, the question you can ask yourself when you begin to feel overwhelmed at the vastness of what it means to love the earth by reducing your waste and consumption is this: “What is the next right thing?” … I don’t know what your next right thing is; only you can answer that. But, I hope you strive for goodness, rather than perfection. I hope you realize there is an ocean of grace, that it takes time, and that simply showing up to figure it all out is a testament to God’s ongoing presence in our lives.

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Sustainability & Abundance: Lessons From Jason Adkins

What does it look like to take care of God’s green earth? And why should we care about creation? These are a couple of the questions that I have been contemplating these past couple weeks as I have been feeding chickens, running goats to graze, and working in the greenhouse with Jason Adkins (our scholar for the summer) and the people of the Trevecca Urban Farm.

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