Seeing God in Unexpected Places

When I learned several years ago that the term “spiritual practice” encapsulated much more than prayer and reading Scripture, the way I experienced God on a regular basis shifted. For me, it became about seeing God everywhere, and looking for God in unexpected places. When I broadened the ways I was able to intentionally connect with God, my view of God expanded.

Here are a few spiritual practices we try to incorporate into our lives here at Six8:


Prayer through journaling can be so meaningful in many ways: being able to look back at written prayers God has answered within the past six month or the past year and being able to maintain focused throughout a prayer (is it hard for anyone else to stay focused when praying silently?!). In our fast paced world, it can be so meaningful to slow down your brain and your thoughts long enough to write them down.




When life feels overwhelming, nature is the first place I go. There is something special about being surrounded by the waves of the ocean or by trees who are hundreds of years old. Being in nature is often humbling in the best and most healthy way –– realizing that God has created everything magnificent within sight reminds me of the power of God and allows me to relate to my Creator in a unique and powerful way.


Remembering Our Baptism

For our research intern Justin, setting a bowl of water near the door of his home allows him to remember his baptism each time he enters and exits his home. Just like many churches practice, he dips his fingers into the bowl to remember the significance of his faith.


Sharing a meal

Eating a common meal regularly with other people is a seemingly dying practice in our fast paced world. Sitting around the table with others is often a very spiritual practice, a reminder that we are more alike than different, that we can share life with those around us in an impactful way.